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Our Backstory!

Listen to Suyash Handa explain the backstory of Dreamers Abyss on The Dreamverse Podcast!

Mudit's Backstory

The pandemic taught me many things. Firstly it taught me that I spend way too much time doing absolutely nothing and, more importantly, it taught me that there are some things that you just can't control. My sophomore year in lockdown went by almost in a flash, I barely had time to slow down and see how much I changed and grew in that year.
Upon entering Junior year, though, I discovered that there was one aspect I can never control: how much time I have. So, I started taking (*serious*) measures to ensure that my time was never spent on things that weren't important to me or my future self.
That spark of discovery was what lead me down the path of self-improvement. I first started picking up self-development books that began an endless chain of motivation and life improvements. I dropped many habits that held me down and began investing in reading books, listening to podcasts and audiobooks.
I embarked upon a journey to learn meaningful skills improve myself to become the best version of myself. This journey gave me a passionate drive to share my learning with others and spread the insightful knowledge that lead me to achieve a goal-driven mindset and positive mentality.
And so, I thought up with the concept of Dreamers Abyss and reached out to Suyash, my old pal from India, who fleshed out the idea towards a greater global audience. We worked together remotely and brought the concept of Dreamers Abyss to life. We are now an online platform set to inspire other students to take action on their dreams and explore the creative world outside of school.
Further down the line, things will only get better as we constantly brainstorm new ideas the way we do best: BY DREAMING!

Suyash's Backstory

Just like everyone else in the world (maybe not everyone) during the pandemic, I became listless. My daily routine was confined to the four walls of my house and, with an ample amount of free time available, boredom became common (even after studying). Before the 3rd wave began, I was contacted by Mudit - my good ol' friend from sixth grade and, he had an idea which destroyed my listlessness. Further on, I helped him expanded this idea's domain to touch every student in world.
Content (*not the Tik Tok one), is an extremely power tool to bring about minor changes in an individual's life. As I brought my expertise to the table, I realised that we needed more than just self-development-centric content, we needed content which students could relate to and still be able to improve their lives. That was the birth of the trending and analytical sections of the Dreamers Abyss Blog.
Now, our goal is simple : To provide consistent content to students worldwide ranging on topics like self-development, trends and even analysing deeper themes. In the near future, Dreamers Abyss will expand its team to reach a wider deal of students across the globe and, we do have a few more ideas in mind that will implemented soon so, all in all, students are in for treat!

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