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Why The Feeling of Arrogance is More Positive Than Negative?

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By Pranav Tigura | 8th June, 2022

Oftentimes, we see arrogance as a bad quality, a quality that diminishes the genuineness of a person and the art of what a person is meant to be. However, how may this quality may be seen as good?

Definition of Arrogance vs the Feeling of Arrogance?


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, arrogance is “the disposition to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance by an overbearing manner.” At face value, arrogance is a quality possessed by a pompous person who does little but feels great, a mild narcissist. So what’s so great about arrogance?


💡 Feel!
Imagine yourself at the top of a mountain after an arduous journey, standing on your last shred of energy while the wind runs by you. What, or how do you feel?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, enough means ‘occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations. If used as an adverb, the word means ‘in or to a degree of quantity that satisfies or that is sufficient or necessary for satisfaction.’

Treat arrogance as a ball of energy. When conversing about the definition, that ball of energy is stale on a negative plane. It channels itself into the perception of an overbearing, pompous, narcissistic personality. Contrarily, the feeling takes the ball of energy known as arrogance and then channels it into other channels, such as confidence and a feeling of reassurance. The feeling of arrogance channels the energy of arrogance, either negative or positive, to an emotion that the person requires. So, from now on we’ll be referring to the feeling of arrogance rather than just the ball of energy we regard as arrogance.

What Are Some Of The Channels Of Arrogance? 🤔

  • 😎 Arrogance can be channeled into confidence

  • 😶‍🌫️The feeling of arrogance removes the cloud against who we truly are

Channeling Arrogance Into Confidence 🤔

“A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” - Shahir Zag

Acknowledging the words of Shahir Zag, tigers, the top predators in many different communities, are too high up to hear the opinions of sheep. Although a negative perception tends to be aroused by the claim, it simply means that one must channel the arrogance, the feeling that they are better than others, to confidence, to pride.

Going back to the mountain, when one scales such a mountain and is at the apex, they possess a feeling of superiority, a feeling that they have truly made it. Similarly, arrogance offers a feeling of being at the top of the world, which is initially negative, however, channeling this feeling allows for the power and emotion of confidence. Such a feeling is often beneficial in the uncompromising and unfortunately ever-competitive world. By consistently utilizing this feeling and drawing from the energy we refer to as arrogance, this ball of energy, we can feel more confident. Furthermore, arrogance truly does exaggerate small accomplishments, leading to a greater feeling of winning from the smallest things. This feeling of winning keeps us going and boosts our confidence. It acts as a barrier to failures we may commit.

A Side Effect To Keep In Mind

The siphoning of confidence from arrogance tends to have a drawback, one becomes overconfident. To refine the confidence we make, it is important that one maintains a sense of their own abilities, having confidence in their abilities and nothing more. We must maintain the sense that our abilities and our accomplishments define confidence, we must maintain the insight that our confidence and abilities will enable us to do anything but not necessarily be naturally great at everything.

The simple turning of cogs to produce confidence from arrogance isn’t enough, we must refine it to make sure we don’t become overconfident.

The Feeling Of Arrogance Allows Us To Express Our True Selves

One of the key attributes of arrogance is that it allows the beholder to feel as if their personality is the prime, the most powerful, and possibly the most successful. Therefore, they express their personality openly, without any inhibitions. Inhibitions tend to be caused by fear of our societal values and the perception of others, however, raw arrogance leans toward the fact that one is above society's perceptions and the perception of others—an often negative aspect, which can be siphoned off of to become a truly fearless pioneer in expressing oneself without the inhibitions often imposed by the modern world.

Arrogance allows us to remove the cloud cast upon us and exhibit who we truly are.

👉Key Takeaways 👈

❧ Arrogance, in its raw form, is negative, however, siphoning off of it allows for benefits.
❧ Arrogance can be channeled into confidence, but it is very important to refine the confidence to make sure we don’t become overconfident.
❧ The confidence and negative superior complex caused by arrogance can be channeled to enable one to express their true self.

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