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What Was I Made For?

Discovering Your Purpose

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By Sofia Sibila | 27th August, 2023

Unravel the meaning behind Billie Eilish's song "What am I made for?" from the Barbie movie and delve into the quest for purpose and self-discovery during our formative years. Gain insights from the song's concept and an interview with the artist, while learning valuable tips on how to understand yourself better and overcome creative blocks. Find inspiration to embrace your unique path and pursue what truly makes you happy.

When I first heard it on the internet, I was left pondering over the song “What was I made for?”, by Billie Eilish for the Barbie movie, which seems to be connected with this feeling of meaning we’re all so worried about, especially in our teenage years, with so many big decisions as college applications, jobs, et cetera. 

Is it that hard to build the life we want to live when we don’t exactly know what life we actually want to live? Let’s try to better understand ourselves through the song concept and an interview with the artist.

What Am I Made For?

The song talks about the frustration we feel when we don’t know who we are. No matter in which moment of life, there will always be doubts about how to lead our time in a fulfilling way. 

The most important is to understand you’re not meant to know the answer to what you’re meant for when you’re frustrated. 

The song ends and there is no resolution because it revolves around grief and frustration. Keep this in mind and understand that you eventually will know the answer when you’re emotionally stable and thus confident about who you are.

How To Know Who Am I?

Focus to trying to understand where or when you feel the most useful; or perhaps the most imaginative. Put yourself in experiences you never did, like playing in public or going to an event about what you like. Expose yourself to the world and wonder!

Talking about wonder…

This Song Was Written In A Creative Block!

This is what I feel is essential to talk about, considering how often we get those. Sometimes it just feels impossible to sit down and do something incredible (or at times even ordinary). To help you with that, let’s talk about two essential things to think about when you feel blocked to do what you want to.

Consistency Is Key!

No matter how good you are, you must work hard to do something. So, to help you with it, it is important to consistently get better. For this, here’s some stuff to think about when you’re looking to be more consistent:

  • Have and set realistic goals;
  • Have a schedule;
  • don’t care about the days you’re not consistent. Every day is supposed to be a new beginning.

You Need Imagination!

When was the last time you openly looked for something to make you feel amazed? When writing down a schedule for consistency, don’t forget to leave some room to be exposed to other artists’ pieces, such as a day to watch a movie, a time to read a book, or whatever works with your pursuit.

And Most Importantly…

I never thought it would be so special to the others, so I just did it to be special to me.“

When looking for your pursuit, is all about you. It means nothing you want to do is wrong if it makes you happy. Just don’t forget “you can be anything you want!”, there is no wrong answer about what you’re made for. 

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