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What Is Holding You Back?

Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt 😨

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By Mudit Jha | 7th July, 2022

The Human brain is our most valuable asset. In times of need, it can either be with or, against us. It all depends on how we train it to respond.

Why do we fear to grasp the things that are going to be positive changes in our life?

The fact is that the human brain is wired neurologically to respond to fear, but we condition it to see fear as positive growth and emotions of excitement. Wouldn’t it be great to never be held back by your own self-talk?

💡80% of Psychology can predict how we will live our life; our actions, emotions, interactions, and well-being are all determined by our brain.

Why do we function this way? 🤔

→ Ever been put in a social or intense situation where you have to present in front of a large audience or at an important event? It could be for a music recital, speech, debate, or even a talent show.

If you are a person that has never been in front of an audience, as a center of attention, this new experience will bring up some doubtful emotions.

“I can’t do it...” “I’ll mess up...” “What will others think of me?” ”I’ve never done this before...”

💡These are common thoughts that arise due to our subconscious brain generating the worst possible scenarios for something that hasn’t even occurred yet.

When we are up against a challenge, the primary mission of the brain is - survival. Our purpose has always been to survive long enough and pass on our genes in a never-ending chain. This is why the brain acts as a “safety belt,” protecting us from possible risks and exposure to potentially dangerous environments.

The Solution? 🛠️

Wouldn’t it be great to be in control of our situations and the way we react toward changes, obstacles, or opportunities? It would open us to having more confidence, engagement, and most importantly- enjoyment.

Without the safety belt, our minds are free to open the doors to opportunities and seek the unknown.

When in a situation of fear and self-doubt: See yourself from a third perspective point of view. This helps you step out and look at yourself, be self-aware, and realize that nothing bad is truly happening. Only our brain is failing to accept something it hasn’t experienced before.

Mindfulness🧘: Training to adapt and being self-aware (A Long Term Fix)

🔬 According to Research:
→ Meditation practice has the potential to affect self-referential processing and improve present-moment awareness. The default mode networks — including the midline prefrontal cortex and posterior cingulate cortex, which support self-awareness — could be altered following mindfulness training. occurred yet.

Building a daily habit of meditation can free you from the information overload that causes stress and creates fear and doubt.

Additional Benefits include:
Better mental health, improved focus, memory retention, better-decision making, and even improved performance in academics.

📌 Key Takeaways:

  1. 🧠Focus on training your mind. Meditation allows you to slow down and control your emotions. Removing and clearing fear, doubt, and anxiety that keeps holding you back.
  2. 💭Be conscious of the safety belt and understand its purpose. Acknowledgment builds confidence.
  3. 📝Step away from the present moment and take note of your subconscious emotions and actions.

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