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Super Students: How Do Superheroes Deal With It?

What We Can Learn From Comics!

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By Sofia Sibila | 10th August, 2022

Have you ever wondered how teenage superheroes like Spider-Man and Kamala Khan combat the stress of being a student and a superhero? Well, there's a lot to learn from these two protectors of Earth! Shall we?

We all know the challenges that being a student forces us to deal with. From staying awake studying to losing our minds in the morning, a student's life is complex, and there is no need to highlight superheroes' challenges, having the duty of saving the world every single time.

Did you ever stop to think about how teenagers that are superheroes AND students deal with it? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss today!

In this article, I’ll talk about Peter Parker, the Spider-Man (more specifically from the 2017 TV series because I like this version, ok?), and Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel series. If you have any small knowledge of the two characters you know how different they seem to be. Yet, if you look closer, you may find more similarities than expected, and maybe learn something from them. Let’s dive deeper into their personalities to find out what’s the trick to being able to live two complex lives! (No spoilers ahead, you may continue)

Peter Parker🕷️

Peter loves science and was always taught by his uncle how knowledge is a power by itself. Because of it, we can notice how Peter saw school as an opportunity to do what he most liked in this world (and feel good doing it!). With all the knowledge he earned at school, he was able to maximize his powers, as we can notice by the web shooter he developed.

We could describe him as a student:
● Full of great ideas
● Passionate to learn
● With a great comprehension of the importance of hard work

For sure, it was not easy to keep his life as a superhero and student on track because of all his obligations, but he knew what to do. He was ready to get along with problems, and that was one of the best skills he could have ever wished for. The confidence he had that all his problems had a solution and that he could discover was the strength he needed to continue working, and, afterward, succeed.

👉 Even being this strange nerd with few friends, Spidey had the confidence needed to be a hero, because he always believed he could find the answer.

Kamala Khan ✨

Kamala is portrayed as a dreamy girl full of different hobbies, such as drawing and cosplaying. Living in her imaginary world, Kamala felt stressed about the burden of choosing her future as fast as possible, stopping to care about fantasies and thinking about the “real world”.
She was never regarded as a bad student, but people were expecting her to know who she was and who she wanted to be. Kamala felt there was a barrier between real happiness and the future, and she could not figure out how to manage it.

Kamala would be a:
● A creative and curious person
● Hard-working for what makes her happy (she learned how to sew to make the best cosplay she could!)
● An average student (maybe)

When she receives her powers, they come as a way to live the life she always dreamed of, and the first thing she notices is that it is hard to be a hero. Her powers came as a way to show how dangerous being special can be. Having powers meant having a bigger impact on others, and she needed to choose about who she wanted to be.
Something essential about Kamala is how, even when she felt powerless, she decided what to do. She had her voice and found a way of hearing herself. That’s something I like so much in her character; she never felt ready but was always doing what she could. The fear of doing something completely new never was a reason to give up.

🤔What Can We Learn From Both Heroes?

Peter Parker and Hamala Khan were different people but, for both of them, their powers were a way to make a great difference around them. Their powers did not turn their life easier, but they chose to do the best they could when the opportunity came, even when they were hopeless. After all, great powers do come with great responsibility, and even not feeling ready, it's important to try. Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel had different needs (as I’m sure you do) but they both did their best and it paid off by the end, because they were capable of goodness, and so are we all.

We may not have superpowers, but the supervillains alive nowadays have different powers. We may need subtle powers, such as persistence, cunning, bravery, creativity, and consistency to save the world.

So, in conclusion…

Different people can do good! Do you know what that means? That you’re able to help others and be yourself. You can like fanfiction, be a school nerd and be a hero! Don’t forget that to be a hero is to save someone, and people may need something as someone to listen to them or help with homework. You don’t need to be the best, only to be someone with attitude. How many times did you let a moment that you could do good pass through your fingers? You may feel better when you find a way to help people by doing what you like instead of being the best in what you don't care about. Do what we like work because when we do that we’re able to get ready for whatever it’s between us and our goal.

🎬 That’s all, folks!
If you want to better comprehend yourself, you should try to look for your favourite playlists, movies, series and, games. You may be able to see where you are right now and where you used to be. And if you’re in the mood for watching something very teenage-like, you should watch this Spider-Man series (I love this series so much), and the newest Ms. Marvel. Then, every time you watch an episode you will be able to remember this awesome article (lovely, isn't it?).

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