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Succeeding With A Bad Environment?!

Is It Possible?

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By Pranav Tigura | 9th February, 2023

We often hear many who state that environment is everything! I can tell your future by looking at your friends! BUT to what extent are such statements factual? Is following through with it a viable idea?

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”
—Alexander Den Heijer

Quote Analysis! In reference to the flower, we may equate it to one in an unsupported environment where it may not grow. Thus, we understand that we aim to fix an issue by fixing an environment rather than the individual.

🌳What Is Our Environment Composed Of?

Many times we refer to the environment, even in the context of development and what drives our thoughts, as tangible—aspects that we may clearly define such as:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Economic Status
As easy as this may sound, the Merriam-Webster dictionary not only defines “environment” as “circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded,” the tangible, but also as “social and cultural conditions that influence the life of an individual,” the intangible conditions such as:
  • Ideas commonly discussed and considered
  • Cultural impositions
  • Knowledge and level of education
Going back to us, when we think of our environment, the tangible aspects are, more often than not, the socio-normative, first mentions. However, the subliminal, intangible aspects of an environment are those that drive our thoughts…the thoughts that may make us desire a change in environment.

Our environment may be seen as a book: not only does it comprise of tangible ideas, such as the title and design, but also the intangible such as the plot line or knowledge shared.

Reflect! What type of friends do you have? Are they more driven by:
1. Similar ideals and thoughts.
2. Similar housing status

👉The Verdict! 😲 

The Power Of An Environment?!

Obviously, all possess an environment, direct or indirect, but how much power does it possess? Despite what might be popularized, many that are leaders within the world, experts within their fields, and successful, are those that did not possess the best environment:

A primary example is renowned comedian Jim Carrey. Carrey, according to Insider, Carrey dropped out of school at a mere “16 years old” to support his family by “working as a janitor.” Imagining the negative environment in which Carrey must have been steeped within in unimaginable, yet he managed to ensure his success. Thus, this means that the influence and power of a proper environment is not objective at all…

🤓 An Individual Role

The influence of one’s environment and the importance it possesses depends on the mindset. Let’s examine it through the use of an analogy:

The Passenger:

The passenger is a host to their infectious environment. Once an environment is set, the passenger enables the environment to actively take control of them, being a servant to its whims and fancies. As a result, they do not stay rooted in their beliefs or actions, they’re volatile. Such a path is easier but requires a more careful review of one’s environment for one’s success. It is SHORT TERM and works in SOME SITUATIONS.

The “passenger” is lost within their environment, not being able to consciously think and forced to carry the mindset the environment gives. An easy but sloppy mindset to adopt.

The Driver:

The driver focuses on themselves and reaching a specified goal. Rather than completely bend to the influence of the environment, the driver mindset selectively focuses on what it will be influenced by. Rather than the environment influencing its choices, the driver mindset selects its environment, it shapes it to cater towards its goals. The environment is a mere effect of the driver understanding EXACTLY what they must focus on. Even within a bad environment, the driver may selectively choose what may influence them. It is LONG TERM and works in ALL SITUATIONS.

The “driver” selects what parts of the environment influence them.

It is certain that an environment, especially a stable, beneficial environment is conducive to success. However, we must understand that such an environment is NOT required and that by blindly placing all hope in an environment, we become complacent. Considering the said fact, we must firmly acknowledge that WE choose what we get influenced by in supplementation to consciously choosing a good environment.


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