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Sleep In Teenagers: How To Rest Better!

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By Sofia R. Sibila | 25th November, 2022

One of the biggest problems is the student's life (according to the adults) is how broke our sleeping routine is, maybe because we sleep too much or too little. Well, if everyone is talking about it, why can't I?

Hey, you! I'm sure you know the importance of sleeping (through sleeping and resting our body can function better) but you probably let yourself stay awake and don't sleep or rest at all, which can be a funny paradox, just let me show you! I'll talk about teenagers that don't sleep or sleep too much and how to learn how to rest! A lot to say, so let's start.

For Those Who Don't Sleep

Teenagers don't sleep for a bunch of different reasons. Maybe we want to watch an event happening in the late hours, and that's fine; the real problem is staying awake every night doing things you could do during the daytime. This is a problem not just because you're sleeping poorly (which is a big problem) but because why would you be doing what you can any time specifically at night?

I know a lot of students around the world stay at school for long hours and spend the rest of their time doing homework, having just the night-time to feel free to do what they want to do, but this phenomenon of staying up was noticed not just in students but in adult workers all around the world. They would do so because it was the only time, they had for themselves, sacrificing their sleep for their social time. So, maybe we just don't have time for ourselves, right?

Not completely. School certainly leaves little time for hobbies per day, but self-control may be missing too. Not sleeping and doing other stuff may feel like you have control over yourself (after all, you're doing what you like or what makes you feel nice!) but the good feelings are momentary and brain damage is forever.

Conclusion? You feel you have no control over yourself and don't know how to balance resting with your obligations.

You want to be like him? Keep reading!

For Those Who Sleep Too Much

I know how it is, I'm a sleeper myself. We know we're teenagers growing up and that is part of development but sleeping too many feels like having no control over yourself and your time. I normally even ask myself how can I be so tired, because I feel I haven't done so much during the morning, but our energy can be consumed through different things; maybe by studying too much, eating less than we should or being mentally exhausted, et cetera, the important is to accept that there is a reason for so and that we can always deal with life, we just need to understand it!

Conclusion? You feel you have no control over yourself, and you don't know how to balance resting with your obligations.

Want to have as much control in your life as this guy seems to have? I'll teach you now!

Two Scenarios, Same Conclusions...

So, no matter what is your problem you're somehow incapable of being in control of your life? How splendid! No one can control their life, but there is always something to do for a better life. Let's see what you can do to have more self-discipline:

  • Delimitate what you got to do. Try to have objective goals and obligations written down in a list, no open goals like “Study geography”. Choose what you got to do, and be able to visualize it. Just be sure to not overwhelm yourself in this step and really break into smaller ideas what you have to do, then you will feel less frustrated
  • Have small awards for your goals! You did your homework! You were able to study! Congratulations, for real, learn to be happy when you succeed, otherwise, nothing will matter. Buy a chocolate bar, drink your favourite juice, and just show yourself that what you did has importance and was a big move.
  • Start small. Don’t create extensive lists for every single day, because of frustration (again).


There may be other reasons for you not having a healthy sleeping routine, and if so try to talk about it with someone! I know people are scary and normally bad, but there is always someone out there to help you. If you have no force to find this person, just leave a comment! And if you don't need help, I just wish you good luck on this journey! Take care of yourself, drink water (not too much) and keep up!

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