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See The Invisible: Laser Focused Visions!

How To Stay Focused On What Really Matters?

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By Mudit Jha | 31st March, 2022

Do you often find yourself lost in life? Not knowing whether you're on the correct path in your journey towards the highly sought after “Perfect Version” of yourself? This article breaks down common distractions and mistakes that we make as we move forward by seeing the invisible - Visions!

What Exactly is a Vision? 🤔

👉 Do This!
Close your eyes and visualize yourself 5 years from now. What do you see? Where do you see yourself socially? Intellectually? Mentally? That image of your “future successful, self” - that is your vision. Where you want yourself to be in the future; your desires for your future. ✨

Wait! But, there is more to a vision than just simply visualizing or day dreaming. Along with a vision must come the ACTION STEPS - steps that will slowly aid your growth to reach the final outcome, the peak of the mountain.

To gain any achievement there are steps required. Nothing comes without effort.

A space shuttle without a proper command center and precise planning will lack its polar direction, its path to success. Everything we do, needs to start with a proper plan! Take notes of the things you need to start doing right now so that you can accomplish your goals towards your vision. If not, you might float away in space...

📌 Important things to keep in mind while planning your steps!

🧠 Think in terms of outcomes not activities - everything you do must have a concrete step towards your vision! ❌ Most people mistake movement for achievement. They mistake action items and to-dos for achievements. These are the stepping stones towards achievements, not the actual achievement itself! 💬 Be as clear and as specific as possible when describing the outcome you desire.

🛒The Grocery Shop Complex

Don’t fall into the trap of being distracted by all the fancy items at the front. Simply head to the back of the store, grab the item you wanted to purchase, and return home.

This is a common psychology trick used by businesses to distract the consumers who are on their way to buy essentials items by hiding it in the back of the warehouse. Putting all the fancy and unnecessary goods upfront.

Comparing this analogy with visions- A lot of people get distracted by the extra, unnecessary distractions that stray them away from the things that they actually want to achieve. The age of social media and fast-paced consumer lifestyle, where we want everything as fast as possible, makes for a relentless amount of distractions, making it impossible to stay focused.

  • Information Overload- The constant flow of excess information that surrounds us every second of the day. Living in the digital age we are cursed with information that constantly distracts us from our visions.
  • Fear of change- The unconscious anxiety that we tend to develop as we move forward with our visions constantly holds us back.
  • Instant gratification- The temptation of going for easy and quick outcomes with less effort rather than working toward harder but essential greater long term outcomes.

🗝️The key to staying focused is to always remember the reason why the vision is important and vital for us to achieve. The vision cannot be anyone’s else; it must be your own personal vision. When we begin to add others to our visions, we lose the sense of individually that we need to keep. Working towards others dreams will not help us take our own lives further.

Whether it’s an academic or personal achievement that we desire, when we have a crystal clear vision, the detailed action steps and the right motivation, we will be on the correct path.

Many times, even when we have the right motivation, we lose steam and start to wander off our path. The first step to resolve this issue is to accept that we aren’t machines and that humans can get tired and stressed. Next, we have to work on making the process as enjoyable as possible so that our brain doesn’t view our efforts as chores.

Think about your “perfect-self” from your visions, feel the emotions that you would like your perfect self to embody. Don’t allow your current environment to control your thoughts and emotions.

📌 The 3 Key Takeaways!

1) Find yourself from the future and work towards the things that will allow you the reach that position in life.

2) Your vision must be your own and not anyone else's.

3) Make the process enjoyable by connecting your emotions to your perfect visualization and not letting your surroundings restrict or bring resistance to your goals.

🔭 These are the steps to move forward in life with FOCUS, VISON, and ACTION!

Read The End Of Resistance to learn more about how we can remove the things that slow us down in our life and essentially towards our visions.

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