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Overcoming Self-Doubt

Steps to Be Your Best Self

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By Arsema Dawit | 14th May, 2023

Learn how to identify and overcome self-doubt with these helpful tips. Stop second-guessing yourself and start practicing self-compassion, stop comparing yourself to others, and spend time with those who support you. Be the best version of yourself today!

When we constantly doubt ourselves about every single thing we do, it will eventually lead to us losing our confidence. This, in turn, will prevent us from grabbing onto opportunities that come our way. Therefore, we should know the primary signs of self-doubt to identify them early on and find a solution. Here are some fundamental indicators to see if you’re experiencing self-doubt:

• You're Always Blending Into The Background

It is perfectly normal to step back until you feel ready for the spotlight. However, constantly restricting yourself and blending into the background can majorly indicate self-doubt and low self-esteem. Psychologists have even devised a term for this behavior known as the spotlight effect. People who suffer from this usually create a smaller and weaker environment because they think that’s what they deserve. These people are worried about others judging them or their peers gossiping about them. As a result, they restrict themselves from living up to their full potential and doing what makes them happy and fulfilled.

• You're Always Apologizing

Politeness is one of the many excellent qualities a person can have. Someone must apologize when they make a mistake. However, constantly apologizing even though you’ve done nothing wrong can be a significant sign of self-doubt. As someone who has been experiencing this for a long time, I have found myself saying sorry to my classmates for absolutely nothing or apologizing to my teachers for asking them a question. As you can see from these scenarios, I did nothing but ask people to fulfill their responsibilities, yet I was the one saying sorry. So if you ever find yourself in one of these situations, it could indicate lower self-confidence and self-doubt.

• You're Constantly Second-Guessing Yourself

People with reasonable confidence make logical and well-informed decisions and stick with them. On the contrary, people with self-doubt constantly second-guess their choices no matter how much research they might have done or how well-informed they might have been. These people are always overthinking everything they do, fearing not being enough and making terrible mistakes. This will eventually lead to the inability to make vital decisions because they are held back by the fear of not being capable enough.

From the above three symptoms, it’s easy to see that self-doubt can be a major setback on the road to being the best version of ourselves. We know how to identify it, but how do we overcome this feeling and regain control? Below are some good habits to help you stop doubting yourself.

• Practice Self-Compassion

Instead of being afraid of making mistakes learning to accept that they are a part of life that help us to improve our abilities is a significant step in overcoming self-doubt. We should know that mistakes are an inevitable part of life that pave the way for us to become the best version of ourselves. Looking at ourselves in the mirror and saying positive affirmations such as “You are worthy “and “You are capable” might be one way of practicing self-compassion.

• Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

The feeling of self-doubt may also be caused by comparing yourself with other classmates, friends, and family. Therefore, it is essential to know that everyone’s life is different, and you should only focus on yourself as it is the best way to be happy and reach your goals.

• Spend Time With Those Who Support You

Being around people who constantly criticize you and try to put you down is one of the worst things you can do to your mental health. It is essential to know that although some might not support you, others will. So stay with those that encourage you and make you feel good.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

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