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How To Get Better At What You're Doing

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By Sofia Sibila | 7th October, 2022

No matter who you are, there's always something new to discover, but even knowing this sometimes progress seems to be far away, if not even surreal. Why?

One of the few surenesses we can have in life is that no matter who you are, you can always be better at what you like. No matter our passion, there will always be things we wouldn't figure out by ourselves and things that no one can figure out except us. Even though we know there is something we don't know, sometimes progress feels impossible and even pointless. So, what may be holding you back from all you dream of in your chosen passion? That's what we will discuss.

The first idea that comes to my mind when talking about staying still is the intermediate plateau in learning a language. That is what teachers call the grey area in which is hard to notice progress. In that area, it's easier to simply base yourself on your already gained knowledge and get stuck in a very comfortable zone. But the problem is, even though you feel comfortable you're not fluent in the language, and by choosing to slowly progress you're catalysing problems for your future and maybe being the main reason for your not-so-nice performance. That's what happens to us when we choose to do what's easier and not what is right.

But why do we even have a comfort zone and how can we actively get out of it?

Well, if we search enough about developing any sort of skill or knowledge our biggest enemy will show as something inside of us, our will to survive. After all, comfort zones are just familiar places where we can rest - something necessary for all humankind. Another obstacle that could not be forgotten is procrastination, the biggest enemy of all student-kind. Why do we even procrastinate? Well, learning something (what you like or dislike) stresses areas of our brain that activate pain and all these wonderful things. These are some of the reasons why it's so hard to learn.

Knowing this, how was even society able to progress, no matter the historical context, and how can we continue progressing and don't give an end to the human race? After all, we got too far to stop at such a place. That's no time to look back.

Before knowing how to continue your progress, I would like to ask you to think about why you want to progress. If you don't know, take it as it's because there is always something wonderful to find out.

And now, for the tips:

1.Get yourself to receive more input Like in learning a language, there are always words and expressions related to some group of people, and you got to live in different scenarios to know different things. For example, learning a song of a different genre will expand your repertoire and give you more tools to analyse and contribute to your art. No matter what you do, try to have it as part of your life, and live it every single day.

2. Break the routine. Like in the gym, the progress stops if you stick to the same set of physical exercises without changing your workout programme for a long time. To prevent that, be creative. I cannot tell someone how to be creative but recognize what is your passion and how you normally do it. By knowing how your routine is it is easier to break it.

3. Socialize. No matter what you're developing, having someone to give you orientation is fundamental. After all, we're just where we are because we helped each other. Get into competitions, and expose your ideas to people who care and understand. There is always something different to do that can help you to better understand what you want to.

I hope these three tips help you somehow and if you have a question, commentary, lamentation, or something else to say, leave a comment!

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