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How Should You Feel About Being A Student?

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By Sofia R. Sibila | 15th July, 2022

(Edited By Suyash Handa)

From the first day of class until today we’re all familiar with the word “student” and consider it a strong word to define part of ourselves. Even with such importance, we badly know what it means to be a student. Shall we?

The most obvious word that connects with students is the verb "to study", which evokes the idea of spending time and attention to develop knowledge. Its origin lies in the latin word "studium" which is related to the idea of hard work, attention, and devotion.

It is to be understood that a student is a devoted individual, before anything else.

Compliment 👍 vs. Obligation 🔒

Nowadays, we have the horrible habit of seeing being a student as an obligation, a duty of every child that forces them to remember details and pass every exam that comes their way, while it isn’t true. Being a student is, before anything else, a compliment, because a student is someone devoted. Unlike boring classes, a student’s life is marked with passion and care for something. This "something" is what feels like a need, even a want of your character. It is what will turn your world upside down and what you will seek no matter what.

Your "something" may be taught at school such as a subject you’re in love with, or it may be an ability, such as cooking, playing, dancing, and so forth. If that "something" is a passion and a student is devoted to that passion, then being a student means being someone who's constantly chasing a dream. Being a successful student may mean something very different than just securing a good score.

Living in a demanding world, we may fall into the mindset of achieving something we may never be able to conquer instead of achieving the wonders within our reach. It’s important to remember what it really means to be who you are, by doing this you are guaranteed to never get wistful. Completing objectives that do not belong to you will never guarantee concrete satisfaction.

The notion that "school is completely useless" is an extremely partial review of the system, I certainly object to that. Even if sometimes students don’t have the space to learn what they want, schools create an environment where we’re stuck, and by attending school we are able to prepare ourselves for what the world once was. School won’t prepare us for the world we’re looking to live in, and that's why we cannot live for school, because then very little change will take place.

But that’s far-off thinking, let us focus on the “now”. Right now, I just want to remind you that it is perfectly fine to have a passion and to show its incredibleness to the world instead of awesome grades. You’re supposed to create a strong relationship with what you love and to need more about what you care about the most. School is important because school is "real", you need to build a dream to then chase it in real life, to essentially make it a reality.

And one of the worst parts of living is not working hard to find a passion. Here, I just want to show that maybe you’re not losing your head to the right reason. Maybe just trying to spend more time doing what you like or trying to find something you like can be the answer to your problems, and not get overwhelmed by studying, because that’s not the meaning of being a real student.

After all, you should be proud of being considered a student, because to be a student is to have the time to seek your dreams. Of course, there may be obstacles on the road, but we can always surpass them if we don’t forget what’s essential to the eyes.

If you’re looking for a fresh and quick reading, Le Petit Prince is a good reminder of what it means to be driven by devotion and not live so unconsciously to our passion. The kind of book that you should not read just once, but always!

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