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How High Should You Dream?

How Much Control Should We Expect To Have?

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By Sofia Sibila | 7th February, 2023

In this article, I will help you establish what you can and cannot control and some tips to help you start to take action and do what you want. Let's go!

We all know we will never have control over our lives and what happens to us, but it’s important to recognize that we can have some control over our lives. 

First, How High Should You Dream?

We all probably dream of something, maybe turning into the next music star, getting to your dream college or anything else (human minds are vast) but the best part of dreaming is making it come true. Sometimes it may feel impossible to do some stuff and that’s because, right now, it probably is impossible for you. For example, I want to be the next guitarist genius but I don’t even own a guitar or know how to play. That’s when you should dream inside your reality - no, I’m not asking you to stop dreaming, I simply believe you should first dream of yourself having a guitar, then dream of yourself playing this song you like, then the other and other and another one. It’s important to dream big but to have specific goals; don’t lose yourself between all frustration and uncertainties try something new holds!

So, how high should you dream? As high as you can! Just don’t mix things, nor expect something you know no human could do without the right amount of time and disposition. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, be real. 

I Have A Dream, What Should I Do?

We got to understand what our dreams are made of. I love to visualize this step. Try to imagine yourself where you dream to be, and then ask yourself: what it’s obvious to you actions needed to end up there? Of course, there will be more to conquer than you can imagine, but it’s essential to understand our dreams are made of action. The world will keep meaning the same to you until you try to change it. Act. But these are very broad help, so I’ll break it into some steps:

1. Break Everything

Your dream’s a creative goal. Your goals are made of actions. Your actions depend on your habits. Your habits depend on what you let it in and out of your life. 

Okay, you don’t have to think anatomically about every single thing that happens to you, but it’s cool to understand things are connected. So, you should write down what you want to do, where you can do it, and how will you do it and understand that having a positive approach to things will make it easier. 

So, what should you do? 

  • Understand the steps of what you want to do. Write down tasks and steps you can think of. If you can’t imagine any, look for someone that did what you wanted and try to find which steps did they take. You can even make a chronology of when you should do what.

2. Understand What Everything Means

Try to understand and write down these steps you visualize and imagine how will you feel when doing it. Practice for hours a hard song? Boring and frustrating. Record yourself playing it and make a video? Fun and different. If you know how you’re going to feel you will know how you may react to what you’re doing. I hate to study hours and hours for a subject I dislike (biology cof cof) so what can I do to not feel tired by doing it? By knowing how you feel you can predict the future, and then change it.

So, what should you do?

  • Something to understand how you feel. Get every single step you wrote down in the last tip and write down how you think you will feel. If you already do something but you want to do it better, think about the process and how you feel in each step.

Look at me and my lab friends after I finished reading my article, found out how to like biology and decided to study it in college. You can be there too!

3. Consistency In Doing Everything

I always believed that studying five hours a day before my biology exam would work out and sometimes it did, while others it didn’t. It’s hard for me to say to be consistent because I may not be consistent at all haha but I can tell you that the best way to start something is by doing just enough every day. Sometimes we romanticize too much what we do and we think it’s all about having random epiphanies but sadly it’s not; it’s all about consistency. 

So, what should you do?

  • Have a routine! Establish what will you do to get closer to your goal. Make sure you work on it every day (but don’t overwork it, this is about creating a habit, so start big to finish in nothing, focus on a step every day. Create a routine no one can get out of you, something that fits you.)

Disclaimer! I know it’s hard to create habits, but I already gotcha I wrote an article about habits for this website, here’s the link if you want some extra help in this step: The deep secrets of brushing your teeth

Don’t Forget…

Everything is extremely hard, and a lot will be impossible for us until we die. This may sound sorrowful l but it gives me some kind of hope. If everything it’s hard, why are you letting challenges hold you back to do what you want? We suffer trying to do what we hate, so why not suffer trying to do what we love too? I know it’s hard, but if you need someone to support and help you, I’m here, after all I said you can do it, nothing fairer than letting me see you do it. But I understand if you don’t want to write a comment (even though it would make me really happy) so just focus to show yourself how much closer to your dream you will be by taking action. It’s a lot easier to keep doing something when we believe it has meaning. 

Keep swimming and record all the wonderful (and dreadful) places you passed. Good luck and good bye.


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