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Fight Against Yourself

Win Your Battle!

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By Riley Kim | 8th April, 2022

☝️ When people think of self-development, they think of something very conceptual - like ‘prize yourself’, ‘stay happy with your life’. Most websites and articles just give you the basic ideas and not how you execute them and apply those great principles in real life situations. Now Dreamers Abyss is about to tell you the biggest secret of self-development.

Self-development starts with the simplest of things: stop doubting yourself 🤨

So many people say- “I can’t possibly change this, because I have been doing it for so long!”, “Oh, I am a pathetic loser because I can never change anything in my life.”, and so on, falling into a deep swamp of self-doubt. With even the slightest seed of doubt planted in your mind, the whole process of development can fall apart.

🗣️ A simple but giant step you can take is to try changing one of your most difficult daily habits little by little, so that you can feel the accomplishment and excitement.

The Ultimate Daily Habit - “Wake-Up Time Patterns” 🌞

🦉 For a person who has been a night owl for 15 years of her life, waking up early in the morning would be the hardest thing ever. Nothing in your daily life is harder than waking up at 5 am, yanking yourself out of the cozy, warm bed to face the chilly morning.

But, imagine winning this war against your own self!

Do whatever you can to uproot the bad habit of slouching in bed even after your alarm went off - set over ten alarms, download an alarm app that doesn’t stop ringing unless you solve a math question, get a morning jog buddy. Links for these apps are down below.⬇️

Unless you have done whatever you can possibly think of to achieve your goal- NEVER GIVE UP!
You need to go through the process slowly and learn by heart, the importance and beauty of perseverance - waiting for the new habit to sink in, allow your body to adjust to the change, and if it doesn’t want to, show the body that it does not have any other option.

To win a war, you need to stop resorting in your comfort zone - go out and explore yourself to the limits!

If you succeed in overcoming your most fixed habit, you can win any battle you have against either yourself or anyone else in life. With the momentum, you can try challenging yourself to new limits, face extreme situations, and even fall from your devastation. You still have the drive inside you, to pull for more energy⚡and passion, and finally stand up against your biggest fears.😤

That is precisely when you develop as a new entity, enter a whole new phase of your life, where you know how to truly love yourself. Don’t stress yourself out - enjoy the process as it is!

Alarm apps to accompany your early bird journey 🐣

  1. Walk Up Alarm Clock
    This alarm blares at you until you get out of bed and literally WALK AROUND. You can’t mute it, you can’t snooze it, you can’t pause it- if you don’t get yourself out of bed and move, it’ll just keep going. So, hit your steps for the morning, and shut off your alarm!

  2. Rocket Alarm
    This app challenges you to complete a different mini game every morning to turn off the alarm. You might need to solve a math problem or a puzzle. This interactive app is a brilliant way to get the morning started and force yourself out of the sleepy-time haze.

  3. Alarmy
    “The world’s most annoying alarm app”
    The alarm is loud, obnoxious, and very annoying. It can only be turned off when you take a photo of something specific (like your cat, your downstairs coffepot, your shower head, your toothbrush, etc.)
    [iOS | Android]

📌 Now that you have my app suggestions, go on and download them!
Cheers to the early birds!

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