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Embracing Jealousy

Learning From Others For Personal Growth

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By Eesha Choudhary | 20th June, 2023

Discover how to overcome jealousy and leverage the strengths of others to enhance your own skills. Learn valuable tips on listening, embracing different perspectives, and seeking explanations, and take control of your personal and professional growth.


Teamwork is very important in this world. At the same time, everyone is in a competition against each other. It is exceptionally hard to find a middle ground when most individuals want to get ahead of you. That being said, sometimes others may intrinsically be better than you but naturally, it is hard for anyone to accept that someone else is better than him/her. That is where the feeling of jealousy comes in. It leads to you undervaluing your own qualities and strengths.

So instead of getting jealous of other people learn from them and surpass your own expectations.

Work On Your Jealousy

First of all, stop comparing yourself to others. There is a very good chance that the person that you compare yourself to is “born” better than you, but the major fact that people tend to not notice is that everyone is different. Your background, your experiences, and your skills cannot be the same as others or specifically, they cannot be the same as the person you compare yourself with. Even if they are similar your personality and specialties are very specific to you. Basically, it is pointless and foundationless to compare yourself to others.

The next step is very easy, but most people are unable to do it. Learning from others. To be able to learn from others, you should accept your own weaknesses and their strengths. Also, the important thing to keep in mind is to not only learn from others’ strengths but also recognize their mistakes and try to rectify them. That way your knowledge and skills will enhance.

How To Appreciate And Learn From Others

    These days the competition in everything has increased, therefore making your point and speaking up is very important. Listening, moreover listening and understanding what another is saying is very important. That way you can understand their thought process, which will expand your perspective on multiple things.


    You talk to others and listen to them well as well. But when you talk to someone it is important for you to gain some new information or a new perspective for that conversation to be resourceful. So, you should take the first step and show interest in their talk. That way the other person will feel heard and open up more. Also, they might give away something that is classified or a trade secret maybe. You have to make sure you grasp everything and learn. 


    A quick question, would you believe that the earth is round without any explanation, when you see that the earth is flat? no, right? Similarly, when someone teaches you something, you should always ask for the reason and the explanation. It will not only make your understanding of the concept better but also make the other person feel that you are interested in discussing the topic with them. leading to what we discussed in the previous point.


    Every single moment in our life either we have compared ourselves to someone or we have been compared to someone. Jealousy was there all along. To be honest, the comparison is never going to stop. It is we who have to go beyond the feeling of jealousy and develop ourselves. Learning from our competitors and becoming better than them is the best kind of revenge for all the unfair comparisons. Isn’t it? At last, if you want to do better then embrace your highs and lows and be fearless and use your competitors as a resource for knowledge. 

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