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Developing Leadership Skills

A Guide To Stand Out In A Competitive World

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By Eesha Choudhary | 29th May, 2023

Discover the importance of leadership skills in today's competitive landscape and learn how to develop them. This article provides valuable insights into the qualities of effective leaders, the benefits of leadership, and practical tips for building your leadership abilities. Unlock your potential and become a great leader by enhancing your communication, personality, self-confidence, knowledge, and sense of responsibility. Start your journey toward leadership excellence today.


Living in a fast-paced world with extreme competition takes work. Everyone does everything to fill up their resumes and portfolios to impress colleges and employers. Excellent academics, participation in sports, art activities, and community service is not exceptional anymore. It is, instead, an essential requirement. So, what is it that will make you stand out? You can do several things to stand out, but the world’s colleges and employers are always looking for one thing in a resume: leadership skills. It is no news that leadership skills are highly valued in today's market.

Leadership is the ability to inspire and guide people toward a common goal. It involves setting a clear direction, making sound decisions, and taking responsibility for the outcome. A good leader communicates effectively, builds strong relationships, and fosters collaboration. They can also adapt to changing circumstances and motivate their team to do the same. In addition, a leader should be able to identify and develop the strengths of their team members, delegate tasks effectively, and provide constructive feedback. All of these qualities are necessary for effective leadership and to ensure the success of any project or organization.

Why Is Leadership Important?

- Improves communication - Creates a better work environment - Improves productivity - Increases efficiency - Inspires hard work - Encourages teamwork

"How do I build leadership skills?" is a question that is common to pass through one’s mind. It's actually fairly easy. Adding a few habits to your daily routine and enhancing your repertoire with specific skills will make you a great leader.

Skills That A Leader Should Have

  • Communication skills

A leader must have good communication skills. To explain his ideas, policies, and plans effectively, he must have good communication skills. Not just speaking skills but should also be a GOOD LISTENER to have an admirable personality. Listening to others will allow him to make more informed decisions and showcase his trustworthy personality.

  • Personality

Personality is a significant factor. One should have an excellent personality to become a leader. You cannot become a leader if others don't think that you are WORTHY of becoming a leader. How you interact with people, how you manage your time, how you work under pressure, and how optimistic you are, are decisive factors that shape how good of a leader you are. They showcase the best part of your personality, consequently making people believe you.

  • Self-confidence

Self-confidence is another critical factor. A leader should have confidence in themself and, others should be able to be inspired by the leader and ultimately become confident in themselves. As mentioned before, personality matters a lot. To become a leader, you must believe in yourself and have self-confidence.

  • Knowledge

People look up to individuals who are more knowledgeable than them. Leaders must have an in-depth understanding and a vast repository of knowledge in their field. That is what makes a leader stand out. You should read and watch informative videos and consistently keep up this habit to increase your knowledge base and refresh it.

  • Responsibility

This is perhaps the most important skill that YOU MUST HAVE to live a good life. Being responsible is NECESSARY; here, you will lead people. You will be accountable for yourself and all your team members. So, to become a GREAT leader, you need to become responsible for yourself. And by using all the other skills, you must show others that you are responsible.

Now you know why leadership is essential and what skills you need to become a good leader. Let's assume you have gained all these skills, what’s next? You try to become a leader.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."
—President John Quincy Adams.

How To Become A Leader?


Great leaders always know how to manage themselves. For that to happen, one should know themself. You should first conduct a self-audit to learn more about yourself. Knowing yourself is essential to make rational decisions and to understand how to manage oneself. You should know what motivates you, who inspires you, what your goals are (short term and long term), whether you prefer to work with small or big groups, etc.


Great leaders support others and motivates/uplifts them. They take notice of others' hard work and support and praise them. It helps others ease up around the leader and encourages them to work even harder. As a leader, you should also ensure that your team member's hard work does not go unnoticed.


Some people don't believe in a person; they instead believe in a mission or a goal. Give your team a goal. Every team is different, but having a priority is essential. That will help set up relevant deadlines and motivate the team to finish a particular task within a given time to accomplish the goal.


Lastly, a vital role you should play as a leader is the role of a team member. For you to know what your team thinks, feels, and what ideas they have, you should become a team member and complete a project with them while continuing to lead them. It is vital for the team to feel comfortable around you. They should be able to present their thoughts or ideas without any hesitation. The leader's job is to keep the atmosphere light and open.

At Last

Being a leader is not about giving orders or doing everything yourself. Leadership is about creating a good atmosphere and culture in your team. YOU, as the leader, will take responsibility. Taking responsibility for the whole squad sounds like a lot of pressure, right? It is hard; even for smaller scale projects, it will take a lot of hard work. But in the end, it will work out if you stick to the fundamentals. You will slowly know what to do after becoming a leader. Learn and implement the skills mentioned in the article, and you are all set to become a great leader.

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