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Cultivate Your Hobbies:

Productive Ones Can Help You Excel!

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By Débora Coutinho (Edited By Mudit Jha) | 15th September, 2022

As students, getting anxious about an exam or overwhelmed by several assignments is just a part of the routine. When it comes to dealing with those emotions and calming down, a hobby might be one of your best tools.

Sometimes, work, school, family: all parts of our day-to-day lives can become stressful and tiring, even if it’s something that usually makes us happy or something that helps us achieve our goals. There are times, also, that we find ourselves lost in the day, filled with boredom and wondering what we should do.

🍃 That’s when having a hobby comes as an advantage: the activities that make us happy and excited can easily help to calm down, as well as get rid of the feeling of numbness and boredom.

Besides that, hobbies are great to:

  • improve your abilities, since you’re exposed to constant practice;
  • broaden your perspectives, because you’re getting to know new ideas;
  • develop patience and capacity to learn, as for you to get good at something, it takes time;
  • socialize with people who have similar interests as you;
  • decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.

How Can You Find A Hobby🤔

The things we enjoy spending our time on will vary from person to person: we are all really different, and our interests can vary drastically.

That’s why a hobby is also indicative of you as a person, as it tells about your likes and things you find important - hence, finding a hobby you’re passionate about is really about getting to know yourself.

Here are some tips you can follow to try and discover your likes:

  • Think about things you were interested in when you were younger. Our childhood is a time when we usually were less prone to the stress and anxiety of the real world. It's when we explored with curious minds to try new things out.
  • Think about what you like to read, study, to watch. What interests you? What catches your attention? What makes time fly, without you knowing?
  • Try different things. If none of the above seem reasonable: go and explore. The internet has many ways to learn new hobbies and skills, some of which might even be a helpful future skill for your toolkit🧰!

It’s important to get to know your inner self, in order to express yourself fully in the world through things you love doing.

Some Productive Hobbies For Students

  • Reading 📖

    Reading is something that will, at first, bore many people, who will usually think that books are not for them. But this activity is actually one of the most inclusive since there are infinite genres of literature. Finding the types of texts you enjoy reading may be a hard thing to do, but it all comes down to the previously mentioned benefits of this exercise: you’re gaining new perspectives, and you’re getting to know yourself.

  • Artistic Activities 🎨

    Painting and writing are great examples of hobbies. For those interested in these activities, representing reality as you see it or even creating a new one is the way to get out of everyday stress and routine, just with a piece of paper and a pencil. Art is also a great method of self-expression. Any form of art improves your sense of creativity and helps develop mental clarity and problem-solving skills!

  • Exercise ❤️

    Why not try taking a dance class? Or subscribe to the gym? Moving your body is one of those things that will just make you feel better. It is well known that exercising is a great hobby not only to maintain shape and fitness, but also a great improvement of our mind.

📌In Conclusion…

✅ Those activities that you love doing, your hobbies, are just as important as our obligations and responsibilities; don’t hold yourself from learning something new and actually enjoy the process of doing so.

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