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6 Ways To Keep Learning Outside Of School

Push The Boundaries Of Your Creativity

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By Kelly Coleman | 27th August, 2023

Here’s how to expand your mind when you’re not in school, from asking your parents for guidance on extracurriculars to tackling artistic projects on your own.

Perhaps you feel unchallenged in school, and you want to start diving into new subjects and mastering new skills outside of the classroom. You can strengthen your artistic abilities and push the boundaries of your creativity by working on imaginative content. Plus, here’s how to expand your mind when you’re not in school, from asking your parents for guidance on extracurriculars to tackling artistic projects on your own.

Talk to Your Parents About Your Schedule

Maybe you need your parents’ support or assistance in order to participate in certain extracurriculars or take on specific independent projects outside of school. If so, talk to them about your family’s household schedule. Let them know you’d like to spend more quality time with them, and share what you’re hoping to learn when you’re not in school. It could be a skill, like playing a musical instrument, or you could swap books to read together.

Independent Creative Projects

What if you don’t have the opportunity to take an art class right now, or you simply want to make more time for your artwork when you’re not in school? You can always work on artistic projects in your own time! For example, you could work on watercolor or oil paintings, write the first draft of a novel, or even try whipping up new recipes from scratch.

Explore Outdoors

The world beyond your home has so much to teach you. If you live in an area with ample hiking trails, you can lace up your sneakers and learn all about the local flora and fauna by getting up close and personal with nature. What if you live near the beach? Collecting and identifying shells can be a fun way to deepen your knowledge of the ocean. You never know what you’ll find outdoors!

Learn a New Language

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Today, there are countless apps and websites that can help you become bilingual. Perhaps you’re interested in learning a language that your ancestors spoke, or maybe there’s a particular country you’d like to visit eventually, which has sparked your interest in learning the local language.

If possible, see if you can find a language partner who will practice with you! This is a great way to boost your confidence and get comfortable with speaking your new language.

Reading and Audiobooks

You can learn about any topic under the sun simply by picking up a good book. Making reading a daily habit does require some self-discipline, so Dreamers Abyss recommends stashing your phone away for a chunk of time or setting a timer and reading until it goes off.

If you don’t have much time to sit down and read these days, consider downloading audiobooks that you can listen to in your spare time. It’s easy to pop in your headphones while doing chores!

Visit Museums

If you’ve never visited some of your nearby museums, now is the time! Lots of museums have free admission or offer student discounts, so this does not have to be an expensive activity. Keep an eye out for new exhibits, art classes, and fun events at your local museums, too - you never know when something you might enjoy would pop up on the calendar.

Right now, you might feel like you’re not intellectually fulfilled in school. But there are so many learning opportunities that don’t involve a classroom! With these tips, you can commit to creative hobbies, get to know the great outdoors, pick up a second language, and more, all while getting your parents involved.

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