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5 Must-Read Books For Self-Improvement

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By Eesha Choudhary | 16th July, 2023

Discover five powerful books that can transform your life and equip you with essential skills for success. From microresolutions to effective communication strategies, these books will help you develop discipline, communication skills, and more. Dive into these insightful reads and unlock your full potential in the real world.


Books are not for everyone. I admit that but, I bet some of you haven’t even tried reading. Reading is pretty interesting, you enjoy the highs and lows of a character as if they are your own (those who read can relate). Now, for people who already enjoy reading and people who are going to start reading in the near future, I think learning a few life skills from reading books wouldn’t be that bad, right?
Till now, we have been inside the four walls of our schools, in college you get some independence and freedom but still, that isn’t the real world. I understand as students we are super excited to become real-world workers, but the world requires you to not only be book smart but also street smart. The school doesn’t teach how to be street-smart. We have to find a way to learn that ourselves. Hence, books are the best way to get a glimpse of the real world. They teach you the trick that you need to thrive in the real world: DISCIPLINE, COMMUNICATION, Etc

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5 Books To Read For Self-Improvement

  • Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold

This book is about change. Question, Did you make a new year's resolution? Did you complete it? Most of the time we make resolutions or promises to ourselves about doing something new or changing a habit but fail to do so. In this book, Caroline Arnold talks about using ‘Microsolutions’, small behavioral modifications to actually bring change in your life for the better. Slowly but surely.

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

‘How to win friends and influence people’ is a book about interpersonal relationships and effective communication strategies. It gives excellent advice on how to change your view of life and focus on improving yourself. In the book, Dale Carnegie talks about overcoming the weaknesses of natural human behavior and becoming successful financially.

  • What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens by Richard Nelson Bolles, Carol Christen, Jean M. Blomquist

In this competitive world, it is easy to get confused about your career. This book is meant for high school and college students to help them figure out the right and realistic path for their future. The book is based on ‘The Parachute Method’, this method provides an overview of the job itself. The income potential, personality traits needed for success, and required skills of a job can be learned through the parachute method. This book contains important advice to help you choose the right path.

  • The Only Skill That Matters by Jonathan A. Levi

There is a huge amount of information in the world, but not all of it concerns a single person. The amount of information a person consumes on a daily basis and the amount he/she is able to retain is very distant. Especially, students and learners consume a lot of information every day. How can we remain on top of things in order to adjust to modern life’s new demands? This book provides tips to deal with future demands. It gives advice on how to stay on top of things. It also helps readers realize what information they should prioritize and remember.

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

In this book, Sean Covey uses his personal experience as a high school student to communicate and relate with teenagers. Through illustrations and stories, he captures the attention of the readers. If you are an ‘average student’ and want to ‘stand out’ in your high school, and become someone that your classmates envy, this book is for you. As the title suggests, this book has 7 effective pieces of advice on increasing self-esteem, building a strong social circle, and tackling problems with social media.


There are a lot of books out there that are very effective for self-development for students, but I chose to write about these five because out of all the books I read about self-development these had the biggest impact on me. They are the best ones. You can definitely see a difference in yourself and in your mindset after you read these books. Honestly, It doesn’t matter even if you don’t read much because human nature is to do something that has gain, spending just 15min every day reading one of these books will definitely give you a lot of knowledge and perspective. It will be worth your time.

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