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These 2022 Dates Will Decide Our Fate : Here's Why

Time Travel, Volcanos, Mystics
& Meta

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By Suyash Handa | 24th February, 2022

According to mystics, certain 2022 dates are bound decide our fate. that will theoretically predict the future of humanity (students included) and everything we do in our daily lives. But, can the Metaverse be a problem bigger than all of this?

Around 2 months ago (before the start of 2022), a person posted a Tik-Tok claiming that he was a time-traveler. A reation which most people would have, a grin widened across my face and, I watched the video. So, this so-called “time-traveler” provided three dates to the public and claimed that three notable events would take place on these dates. They are given as follows:

"March 15, 2022, a volcano erupts and creates an ash cloud around half the world.”

"June 28, 2022, a plane goes missing for a month and returns but everyone on the plane says it was only three hours.”

"August 2, 2022, we make contact with an underground civilization.”

Funny, bizarre, probably made for clout and, that was the end of the story. Or, as I thought.

Edit: A Volcano did actually errupt exactly on 15th March! Location - Indonesia

Things Get Interesting 🤯

In the country where I live, it’s a tradition that with the onset of the new year, news channels and online news portals share things like astrological predictions for the new year and most importantly predictions by future-telling mystics. One such “mystic” was Baba Vanga. For those of you who don’t know, Baba Vanga was a blind Bulgarian mystic who was famous for accurately predicting the Twin-Tower Blasts of September 11 - 2001, Vladimir Putin winning the 2018 election, a black American (Mr. Barack Obama) becoming the 44th US president, Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit), Princess Diana’s death and much more. So, I took a look at some of her predictions for 2022 :

“According to Baba Vanga, the world’s risk of natural disasters will increase in 2022.”

“According to Baba Vanga, humans will make contact with aliens this year. Either through a satellite called ‘Oumuamua’ or through the one’s already living under us, to explore life on the planet earth. She has also presaged that by 2130, civilizations will learn how to live underwater, with the help of aliens.”

“Baba also predicted that 2022 will see a dangerous “virtual takeover”.

At this point in time, things started to come together. You see, Baba Vanga’s predictions aren’t revealed till the new year has begun and, that is what sent a chill down my spine. The Tik Tok and Baba Vanga’s predictions seem to be interconnected somehow. If the dates given in the Tik Tok are correct, 2022 will be quite a ride and, it may just change the world order. But, I'm not exactly concerned with all this alien baloney. I am interested in something else.

How Is The Metaverse Related To All This?

So, should we start preparing for an alien invasion? Should we start freaking out? No, not at all. You see, things like this go viral all the time but, what struck me was Baba Vanga's third prediction - 2022 will see a dangerous “virtual takeover”. In the literal sense, a virtual takeover could refer to anything. But, according to the technology that we have evolved till 2022, a "virtual takeover" probably refers to virtual reality or more specifically the Metaverse.

As many of you might know, recently, tech-giant Facebook changed its name to "Meta" because it wanted to give a better representation to the public for what it is working towards - The Metaverse. To put such an idea into simpler terms, the Metaverse translates to a virtual world wherein people could do absolutely anything they want due to the ease of technology. Meta's future vision is that people will use the Metaverse as a place to enjoy, work, go out with friends, attend concerts or do anything at all with a single Virtual Reality headset (which costs a lot!). Moreover, in the Metaverse, individuals can choose a stylized avatar and be whoever or whatever they want. The Metaverse aims to have its economy, its own currency, and even virtual goods. But, according to Baba Vanga, this concept is an anti-social dystopia (bear with the heavy words lol).

If the Metaverse is where the world is headed, we can very well imagine what the world would look like if everyone wore one-pound VR Headsets all day. Technology would create barriers. Ignoring the numerous health complications associated with this, our actual social lives would change drastically, the natural order of our social lives would be crushed. We would be a whole different personality in the Metaverse but, in real life, we would just be ourselves. I could start making friends in the avatar of Tony Stark but, I would still be a cool writer for an awesome student blog :D.

Students like us should understand that jumping into the Metaverse could be a bad idea and, maybe an old Bulgarian mystic like Baba Vanga was right about it potentially leading to a "takeover".

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