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Welcome to Dreamers Abyss

A content-driven platform facilitated by students for students! We aim to enrich student intellect by building a passionate community of creators who share ideas and concepts focused on improving the student lifestyle one step at a time! Empower a passion-filled experience in student life and join us - Dreamers in this journey as we fall into the infinite Abyss of reimagined learning through content!

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Our Mission is to provide students with a platform where they can improve their life with passion, curiosity, and self-development.

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Every week, our global team of students produces curated content specially designed for students! We produce content on 3 broad themes to support you on your journey and, you can check out some articles below:


Students And NFTs Have Unthinkable
Power: Here's Why

Students are creators and NFTs are a changing landscape. The millions of dollars for each NFT are merely a puzzle-piece in the bigger picture. Read on to find out what the hype and the secret is all about!


The Art of Notetaking:
The Ideal Approach for Effectiveness!

Most of us aren’t taught how to take notes in school, even though that is what we do most of the time in school. Just by learning how to take better notes, you can improve as a student in school AND as a learner beyond the classroom!


Attributes Of Powerful
People: Acknowledge
Your Ability!

Oftentimes, we vie to be the center of attention, the most powerful who may get their tasks done without any objections, with no questions asked no answers given. That being said, how do we reach this level of power and respect from others?


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On 21st June, the core members of team Dreamers Abyss - Suyash, Mudit, and Pranav were invited by the Minnesota (USA) School Board to speak about Dreamers Abyss at a board meeting. Mudit was in attendance offline while Suyash and Pranav appeared virtually. The three expressed the need and uniqueness of such a student-run platform with considerable emphasis on broken education systems worldwide. Suyash also managed to tickle the board members' funnybones with his whimsical way of communicating and in conclusion, the meeting was a success, with the board members vowing to support and promote this cause!



Dreamers Abyss is collaborating with CS Voyager, a youth-driven organisation that helps spread awareness regarding Computer Science! We'll be working with them to bring new technological and trending content every week!

What Exactly Do We Have At Dreamers Abyss?


Read from fellow students from diverse backgrounds who share their ideas in weekly articles on topics ranging from self-improvement, to world trends and much more!


You'll hear students and guest speakers from around the world discuss viable, modern and meaningful ideas aimed at students helping them improve intellectually!




Our platform isn't just a regular "blog".
That's far from reality. We're a platform that connects the youth and helps them improve. Ask your questions & share your insights via embeds on every article! Help others out and Dream On!

Our Mission

The reason we're here is deep and, you might want to read it.

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