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Welcome to Dreamers Abyss

The world's first internationally developed content-driven platform§ for students, by students! We believe that students are meant to be part of a greater purpose and, improving their lives by producing content to make small changes to students' lifestyles is what we do. We are Dreamers Abyss!

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Every week, our global team of students produces curated content specially designed for you students! We produce content on 3 broad themes to support you on your journey and, you can check out some articles below:

Students And NFTs Have Unthinkable
Power: Here's Why

Students are creators and NFTs are a changing landscape. The millions of dollars for each NFT are merely a puzzle-piece in the bigger picture. Read on to find out what the hype and the secret is all about!


Is Vulnerability Actually Good For You:

When people think of self-development, they think of something very conceptual - like "stay happy with your life". But, is there something deeper than these principles? Can vulnerability be the greatest secret?


Why You DON’T Have to Be a Genius to Share your Ideas

It’s a common mistake for people to keep their ideas locked up inside themselves due to fear. But what most people fail to understand is- the power of collaboration and sharing ideas.

What Exactly Do We Do At Dreamers Abyss?


Basically words arranged in a way that you can't resist reading! Written by students from around the world about trends, self-devlopment and much more!


You'll hear students and guest speakers from around the world discuss viable, modern and meaningful ideas aimed at students helping them improve intellectually!


Courses, guaranteed to enhance your productivity and help you with self-development. Specially designed for students!



Our platform isn't just a regular "blog".
That's far from reality. We're a platform that connects the youth and helps them improve. Ask your questions & share your insights via embeds on every article! Help others out and Dream On!

Our Mission

The reason we're here is deep and, you might want to read it.

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